After the Election

Will the far right radical’s ever open their eyes and understand why they lost AGAIN? They don’t have a monopoly on God for one thing! There are plenty of us who love the lord as well as our current and re-elected President! And why can’t they get their heads out of the sand about science? What are they? Twelve? No, that’s an insult to twelve year-olds!

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Gay and Christian

Well I must say, when Bishop Swilley came out of the Closet as a gay man pastoring a Mega Church, I was inspired. I was tempted to just up and move to Atlanta just to be a member of his congregation. I still think about it, but hasty moves make for bad finances and I’m almost done fixing mine. I can still enjoy his sermons online if I can just remember to show up for his live feeds. I don’t know about the rest of you, but any glimmer of Christ I see in the gay community just fills me with joy! God Bless us all!

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Hello 3D Worlds!

Created in Vue 6 © Steve Armstrong 2009
Spindrift Canyon

So once again online worlds have collided and Windows Live Blogs have merged with WordPress. It’s not like I blog often enough to notice these things! I mainly used my Windows Live Blog for advertising my 3D art and free 3D Models for Poser. I only discovered the switchover today when I came to see if I still had a certain freebie online in my blog. Apparently not. We’ll see if I’m more motivated to blog now that it’s a Word Press blog. Don’t anyone hold your breath. I don’t write so much these days since I discovered Poser, Bryce & Vue.

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My 3D Art Products on Zazzle

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